A great tea experience is about tasting your way through the subtle complexities of leaves articulated by their terroir and fluctuating environmental conditions. It’s about appreciating the hours and days of meticulous production through experimental new processing techniques or age-old methods, perfected through generations.  It’s about loving the fresh leaves of the newest season or discerning a tea carefully aged in pristine storage for decades.  It can delight our physical senses and intrigue our sense of wonder.  It can rest our busy minds and give solace to our troubled souls.  It can be a lens through which we view history, philosophy, botany, geography, economics, literature, and our own lives.  This blog is an exploration of these experiences. It is my hobby, my passion, and my Dao to a perpetually unfolding topic illumined by love and curiosity.


I am a freelance writer with a B.A. in English from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and am currently working on my first tea-book.

~C. Robert Corall