Art/Tea Appreciation

“Art is not a plaything, but a necessity, and its essence, form, is not a decorative adjustment, but a cup into which life can be poured and lifted to the lips and be tasted.” – Rebecca West

Yunnan “Pine Needles” Green Tea

Tea rarely speaks to me. And even more rarely with such vigor. I guess you could say it’s a rare-i-tea. But Yunnan Sourcing’s 2017 “Pine Needles” happened to impart to me a fantastical tale from which I was unable to excuse myself despite an encroaching deadline and a rather depressive mental fog.

Kenya ‘Silver Needle’ Purple White Tea – What-Cha

There we were, hundreds of miles from an infirmary, and my sweet wife was hallucinating imaginary tea fields.  “Let me pull over.  Surely there is some emergency water in the back.  Don’t worry, dear.  We’ll get you some tea soon enough” I said with genuine concern.

Bitterleaf Tea’s 2016 Goldrush

Panning for gold in Trace Creek, about a half an hour south of Fredericktown, Missouri, I was delirious from the heat.  I could feel my wits rushing down the river, hypnotized by the moving water.  It was hot, damn hot!  Around 190 degrees I’d suspect.  I was into my third steep when I caught a faint…


Is this endless hunt for better tea an extension of the aristocratic appropriation of tea by Europeans hundreds of years ago? Is this desire for rare eccentric teas just our western culture’s materialism rearing its ugly golden head?

Huang Pian

The direct translation for huang pian (黄片) is “yellow leaf.”  It also means “adult video” (don’t ask me how I know that, but that is a different post on a much different blog 😉). It is sometimes referred to as “granny tea” due to the age of the leaves and is often consumed by older…